First Steps towards RaspberryPylot

I’m working on using the Raspberry Pi as a remote control replacement. The “chain of command” goes as follows:

USB-Gamepad > Laptop >TP-WN722NC
TP-WN722NC > Raspberry Pi > I2C > PCA9685 > Servos & Motor Controller

So far so good, everything seems to be working with acceptable low latency. I’ll just need to code some security measures, if the signal is lost (motor off and servos positioned for a slight turn).

As the last weeks were rather busy and I was stuck with a bad cough, I’m still not completely finished with the Easy Star II. As the Raspberry Pi won’t fit completely into the fuselage, I’ll have to adapt the canopy for it:

I made some of the code used available on github.

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  1. Good work.
    I was thinking of doing this on a boat.

    How is the connection between the Raspberry Pi and the computer?
    Did you set up an ad-hoc network on the Pi? And connect with a computer to that network?

  2. Hi there,

    the Raspberry Pi runs the access point using hostapd and the laptop connects to that. Walking with the laptop in my hand and the Raspberry Pi on the ground I could reach about 900m.

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