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My prime trait is curiosity about almost every aspect of life with an increased interest in science, technology, international affairs, and photography.

Towards the end of my university education at the Universität Stuttgart as an aerospace engineer, I combined the traditional engineering with information technologies and am working in the field of computer aided engineering. I received my doctoral degree from the Department of Computer Integrated Design at the Technische Universität Darmstadt where I did research on the management of product knowledge during design and manufacturing phases of the product life cycle. Currently I work in maritime CAE at the Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK) in Trondheim, Norway.

In order to keep up with what is going on internationally as well as nationally, I spend a considerable amount of time consuming media. In literature as well as films I prefer humorous works with an ironic twist. I generally enjoy a broad range of music genres, but classical music, jazz, island music, southern rock and folk music are worth highlighting.

I enjoy tinkering with hardware and electronics. Ever since my childhood, I designed and build remote controlled models (boat and aircraft). My two most recent Raspberry Pi based projects integrate software, hardware, electronics, and model building: RaspberryPylot, a WiFi controlled electric glider and RPi2C, a two wheeled balancing robot and I2C bus development platform.

Another important hobby of mine is photography which I started towards the end of high-school with an old analogue SLR camera of my dad. Till 2004 I was taking analogue photos with a combination of AGFA prime lenses (28mm, 50mm and 135mm) and a very sturdy and robust Pentax MX (manual controls). After a digital bridge-camera period, I was looking for a compact, mirrorless system camera with a reasonably large sensor for DOF blur and better high ISO handling. After a long wait, such a system became available with Micro Four Thirds in 2008/2009. In a small pouch I can carry a body and four lenses, which makes M43 a perfect combination for agile and creative photography.

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  1. Hey Tim, nettes Bild und schöne Seite 🙂 Hab viel Spaß in Spananien und genieß die Sonne…hier nur Regen zur Zeit. Drückerle, Melly

  2. I saw in one of your posts through google you said you tested a i2c servo controller was it the pca9685(adafruit pwm i2c breakout) with your raspberry pi. Was it written in java using pi4j? And Would you be interested in sending me the code for it so I can use and modify it in a personal project of mine?

    thank you for reading this

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