My ESP-03 modules arrived

Today I received the ESP-03 modules I had ordered from Shanghai. A nice little breakout for the ESP8266EX with ceramic antenna. Due to the 2mm spacing between the contacts on the sides, I had to bend the headers into shape before soldering them to the module.

ESP-03 module for the ESP8266EX

As an initial function test I used the Bus Pirate in UART bridge mode to flash the latest NodeMCU firmware onto the chip.

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  1. Hi, interesting post!
    I’m trying to do the same thing with my ESP8266 – to test it using Bus Pirate but I’m not getting response back from ESP8266 🙁
    Can you post the sequence of Bus Pirate commands just to get to the point where I can send AT commands (maybe you could also show some AT example too)? I’m sure this would be interesting to many others too.


  2. First choose the rate: ‘b’… (switch your terminal program as well)
    Change to UART: ‘m’ choose defaults for the following questions but the last, there choose ‘2’ for 3.3V
    Activate bridge mode ‘(3)’ then ‘y’
    Now you should be able to communicate with the module.

  3. Hi Tim.
    I am trying to test ESP8266 using BP. My terminal Tera Tera looks like being frozen after accepting macro(3) under UART so there is no way I can write a command to ESP8266. If that’s normal how you communicate/write to ESP8266? Could you please advise how to go about it or point me to a solution.

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