A Swissbook – Continued 4/10

Rene Schweizer
GAGA Basel
Aus der Lyss 20
4051 Basel
Tel. 25 12 06

Basel, 1st March 1977

Department of Public Prosecution
Kohlenberg 27/29


Regarding the letters dated 25th and 28th January 1977

Dear Sirs,

as I did not get a response regarding the abovementioned letters, I would be much obligated if you could let me know whe I may expect a response.

I am sure that it is clear to you, that I cannot deal with such a problem on my own. Supposing you do not consider yourself responsible for such matter, it would be of great help to me, if you could provide me with information about other bodies which you consider appropriate.

With sincere thanks for a prompt resolution of the issue
Rene Schweizer

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