A Swissbook – Continued 5/10

Department of Public Prosecution
Canton Basel-Stadt

Criminal Investigation

Basel, Shrove Wednesday March 1977

Dear Mr. Schweizer,

regarding your inquiry dated 25th January 1977, I reply as follows:
The act of shitting pants is only liable to public prosecution, if those pants are not your pants and you commited the act with deliberation. Additionally a criminal complaint has to be filed. Under these conditions, following current practice, the grounds for a damage of property according to para. 145 sec. 1 StGB would be given. Thus the committed act is not an offence liable to public prosecution but a offence requiring a complaint to be made by the victim which, according to par. 6 StPO, falls into the category of private action. Thus you can be at ease and do not have to withhold your urge.

Concerning your letter dated 28th January 1977 I can reassure your, that your secret has been treated with discretion and that your “services” must have been misinformed.

Furthermore I am not able to help you with the issues depicted in your letter dated 1st February 1977. Nonetheless I can fully understand that the DM 28750,–, which you obtained by fraud to the expense of the bank, offered you more pleasure then the therefor prodounced prison sentence.

However I am relieved to hear that you currently have no truely serious problems aside the initially mentioned ones. Should this change, I would be pleased to offer you my aide and support.

Kind regards
Dr. U. Flachsmann, Prosecuting Attorney
Acting Chief of Criminal Investigation

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