A Swissbook – Continued 3/10

Rene Schweizer
GAGA Basel
Aus der Lyss 20
4051 Basel
Tel. 25 12 06

Basel, 1st February 1977

Director of the Criminal Investigation Department


Dear Director,

in 1968 I commited my first bank fraud, which resulted in 30.000 Franks and one year in prison.

As only the 30.000 Franks gave me pleasure, I wonder if there is a secret society, which educates interested and skilled young people to expert criminals. Have you, being familiar with this topic, heard of such an organisation?

I’d be very pleased to receive your assistance in this matter, as I would like to apply for an apprenticeship as soon as possible.

With sincere thanks for you effort and best wishes
Rene Schweizer

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