Back from Kyoto

two days in Kyoto
Monday i went to Kyoto by Shinkansen, the fast Bullet-Train. I Kyoto i had reservation for some cheap hotel called Uno-House, an german couple in the New Koyo had told me about. A really funny place, with japanese-style dorm (4 matrasses on the floor and nothing else πŸ˜‰ ). The rest of the house was really chaotic but a nice atmosphere, like living with a family.
the first night there i went out with some guys (GB, NL, DE) who stayed there, too. after dinner we found some original japanese reggae-bar πŸ˜‰ hehe … had to take off our shoes and where laying aside the small table … a nice place with a calm and darkatmosphere.
the next day i took for walking Kyoto, starting at the main-station, wich took me some hours for itself, really amazing architecture!!! later i went to some area with lots of temples and park, a nice walk for the whole afternoon, but sadly there were masses of japanese tourists.
in the evening i called my grandma back in hamburg, who went 84 that day. in the evening we went out with the ppl from the hotel again. we startet with 6 ppl (Sing, Jap, GBx2, NL, DE)on the way we acquired an english couple, and in the restaurant we met some friendly american guy. after a good dinner and lots of japanese beer we went outside and split up in smaller groups. The Sing and GB went to some club with two japanese girls the met in the restaurant, some went back home and the US-guy and me got us some sake and had a nice talk on some bridge with a view on a river floating through Kyoto. in front of an ampm we ran into a really friendly ozzy guy in his 50s, who took us with him to his favorite japanese restaurant where he knew the chief and staff. we’d been living in Japan for 15-20 years or so and did the english translation of the menu there. after some really tasty pork-sticks and some french wine i got home to the hostel at 330.
In the morning everybody at the hotel got up around 900 and nearly everyone had a good hangover πŸ˜‰ the others who went to the club came back around 200.
after searching some international ATM, i went to the station to get on my bus back to tokyo.
having a nice talk with a friendly and english-speaking girl, the 8 hours to tokyo didnt seem very long. even though i’m getting better in seeing differences in japanese faces, it still hard for me to guess their ages, so i thought she was around 26, but in the end i realised that she was 37!!!
at some 15min stop in the evening we had some hearty japanese noodles for dinner.

back in Tokyo
arriving in tokyo around 1900 i went on to the starbucks where martine and i set up a date. with a big cup of hot chocolate i waitet for her, later we dropped my stuff at the New Koyo and went on to Ueno, where we looked for some english pub.
after some beer we had to get the last train home, each of us in another sirektion. we set up some date for the next day (today).
after a long sleep till 1000 i had some cup-noodles and went to the place where we wanted to meet, as trains had to wait a while (probably some track-works) i got there about 30 mins late, and couldnt find her. after another 30mins waiting i gave up and went to the HotSopt in Shinjuku to update my webstuff. well here i am … up to date again. πŸ˜€ two more days in Tokyo and on i go for Sydney.

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