back in Tokyo

YHI @ Asakusabashi
spending just one night here, i didn’t unpack my things. spending the evening with a nice chat with some older guy from Oz, i went to bed around, 2200, Martine really got me done!!!
moving to the “New Koyo”
the New Koyo i probably the cheapest place to stay in Tokyo, aside the sleepingboxes at some station! I got this tip from some japanese looking canadian at the YHI Tokyo International.
Beeing designed for Backpackers, those are the usual guests there. Just the kind of place I’ve been looking for.After a short trip with JR and subway and a 15min walk, i checked in at the hotel. When i first saw my room (single room for 2700yen !!!) i was completely amazed, just the perfect thing. A really small room japanese style (i had booked jap just because i was interested in what this meant). Jap style means like nothing i the room except some rice-mats on the ground and a TV-Set. As i dont want to type my fingers off, i made some video of the room before. (room @ New Koyo)
this really seems to be what i was looking for!
My further plans are to get some nightlife (in the New Koyo they’ve got no curfew!!!), and spending one or two nights at Kyoto (probably Mon-Wed).

Greets, Tim.

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