Living in Sydney/Glebe now.

Just moved to some nice shared acco
with three girls and a friendly fat cat. 😀
A whole house for us, with a (a little trashy) backyard and two balkonies. Took me the last few days to set up the most important stuff in my room. (Bed, some BeenBag, some Boxes to put my stuff in and a very special wardrobe) Looking at some used table (wich was too big) i found some working TV wich the one who sold the table didnt need anymore.
Yesterday, we went to the Pub, just around the corner. There they had a trivia evening, where you could win free jugs and concert-tickets. I got to know some of the friends of the girls i’m living with. As at the mom I’m still on 56k modem connection (maybe we’ll get DSL soon?) you’ll have to wait a little till I upload actual pictures.

Greets, Tim. (king of homeimprovement)

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