A really relaxed 4th semester

Summertime … weather is fine!
My 4th semester is starting with a really nice summer! Most of the time its quite warm/hot, really nice to hang out at the university between the lectures.
As theres no university thursdays and fridays, the weekends got quite long! 3 days university and 4 days weekend! But after this quite stressing 3rd semester we really needed this!
While learning for the last test, i got the idea to stop studying for a year, and to travel through Austrlia! I’m really looking forward to getting my backpack stuffed, travelling around, seeing new places and meeting new ppl.
As my father gave me the tip about some information-day for students at the Australian Embassy in Berlin, i spent a few days there. Just arriving at the youth-hostel, i met a nice guy (also named Tim) from Australia. Getting into dialogue we decided to pass the afternoon in Berlin together.
We had a look at the Reichstag, the Brandenburger Tor and Checkpoint Charly. In between we had some nice talks and (of course) some cold beers. We walked the bars till 1:00 (i had to get to bed a little earlier, as the info-day started at 10:00).
The day at the embassy was really useful! 3 of the 6 universities, represented there, were offering aeronautics. Might be interesting to have a look at them when travelling there!

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