What happend since december 2002

Dec/jan i moved to my new room. My dad really helped much, and we also had kinda fun, painting walls and constructing tables out of what we had in the garage.
Then i had to finish some construction for university till the end of semester(the flaps-mechanism for a small aircraft). Afterwards i had 1-2 Weeks to relax before the learning for the examinations began.
In between i manged to go snowboading to Engelberg (CH) with some firends! Haven’t been on board for about 2 years, but all went fine … i didn’t forget how to do it!
The only bad thing about this trip is, that Sergio (Espace ’87) lost it’s exhaust right in front of Olli’s door! 😉 So the trip back was quite loud!
Right now, I passed the first two tests. TM exam should be OK, but with maths3 i’m quite unhappy. Hope ET, TD and FGK will work out better!

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