Schupfnudeln mit Speckkraut

Well, the next swabian food project: Schupfnudeln, a handmade type of pasta from half flour half potatoes. The dough is THE stickiest I have ever seen. It really takes a lot of flour to keep it from sticking to your hands and any tools.The shape of the pasta (not perfect in my case) is created by rolling a small portion of the dough between your hands, forming a oval noodle with pointy tips. This process is called Schupfen, thus the name, and is really tedious as every single noodle is formed individually! After this process the Schupfnudeln are boiled in salty water till they re-surface. Schupfnudeln are used as a side dish in many recipes back home. I chose to make my favourite variation which is often served at local festivals, Schupfnudeln mit Speckkraut (Schupfnudeln with Sauerkraut and bacon). The Schupfnudeln, bacon and Sauerkraut are fried in a pan and mixed together. Again everything worked well and it really tasted like back home.
Raw dough cut in small portions Schupfnudeln mit Speckkraut

Cheers, Tim.


Really missing the local schwäbisches (swabian) Food, I decided to make some myself. The first project were “Maultaschen“, minced meat mixed with spinach and spices wrapped into a layer of pasta dough.
Though it was my very first try, the taste worked out very well, only the pasta layer was a little bit too thick, as we’re lacking a rolling pin.
Boiling the Maultaschen A single Maultasche ready to be eaten
The next food project will be “Schupfnudeln mit Speckkraut”!

Cheers, Tim.


nothing special … just a lousy pic of my dessert today.

After learning for nearly 2 1/2 months now, my mind goes on strike. Words start to become meaningless rows of letters after a while. There’s hardly any difference between my brain and my dessert anymore!
Little more than a week and I’m done for this semester, finally! Hopefully the weather will be more like spring by then.

I’ll try to wobble some more nondestructive testing into my jelly-brain.
Cheers, Tim.

a change in style

As I never changed that old 50s lamp in my room, since I moved in over a year ago, it was now time to find a new one.
Looking around in some hardware stores, I never found the right one, until my mom discovered a big black chandelier in an furniture shop in Stuttgart.
After having the box standing in my way for a week or so, I installed it today. (I needed a little distraction from learning anyway)
new chandelier
Actually it’s not all black, there’s a dark red glow in it as well. Really fits very well with my room.

Back home!

Saturday, 9th oktober, I made it back home.

It still feels so unreal, on the one hand being at home makes me wonder if I ever left at all, while other stuff just confuses me, like cash refund on plasic bottles and the 1euro coin you have to put in the shopping trolley.
I already met some friends, and the nice people from the photo-shop I usually go to still remembered my name!
So far for now, I’ll have a big gathering with my friends on friday, and after that, there’s plenty to catch up with at uni.

Cheers, Tim.

What happend since december 2002

Dec/jan i moved to my new room. My dad really helped much, and we also had kinda fun, painting walls and constructing tables out of what we had in the garage.
Then i had to finish some construction for university till the end of semester(the flaps-mechanism for a small aircraft). Afterwards i had 1-2 Weeks to relax before the learning for the examinations began.
In between i manged to go snowboading to Engelberg (CH) with some firends! Haven’t been on board for about 2 years, but all went fine … i didn’t forget how to do it!
The only bad thing about this trip is, that Sergio (Espace ’87) lost it’s exhaust right in front of Olli’s door! 😉 So the trip back was quite loud!
Right now, I passed the first two tests. TM exam should be OK, but with maths3 i’m quite unhappy. Hope ET, TD and FGK will work out better!


After a long break i finally managed to update my homepage! Lots of things happend!
After finishing my armyservice i went to spain with an army-friend of mine. We had much fun,
playing billard and watching the waitress! In may/june I went backpacking in the USA.
Me and a good friend hitch-hiked down the westcoast. (SF, Yosemite, Santa Cruz,
Santa Barbara, LV, Flagstaff, San Diego, Ensenada, LA) That was a really great month!
In July me and four friends stayed in our house in Spain. A really hard time! 😀
Greetings to Kim and Lindis, two really cute girls we met there. In mid october
I started studying space- and aviationsince in Stuttgart. It seems to bee really interesting,
but challanging, too! As i got back home from the states i startet taking lots of
photos with an old camera of my parents. (A really good one!) So there are lots of good and
funny pictures to be added to the gallery soon!   Stay tuned!