Schupfnudeln mit Speckkraut

Well, the next swabian food project: Schupfnudeln, a handmade type of pasta from half flour half potatoes. The dough is THE stickiest I have ever seen. It really takes a lot of flour to keep it from sticking to your hands and any tools.The shape of the pasta (not perfect in my case) is created by rolling a small portion of the dough between your hands, forming a oval noodle with pointy tips. This process is called Schupfen, thus the name, and is really tedious as every single noodle is formed individually! After this process the Schupfnudeln are boiled in salty water till they re-surface. Schupfnudeln are used as a side dish in many recipes back home. I chose to make my favourite variation which is often served at local festivals, Schupfnudeln mit Speckkraut (Schupfnudeln with Sauerkraut and bacon). The Schupfnudeln, bacon and Sauerkraut are fried in a pan and mixed together. Again everything worked well and it really tasted like back home.
Raw dough cut in small portions Schupfnudeln mit Speckkraut

Cheers, Tim.

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