Today I joined a friend at the #OccupyFrankfurt demonstration, which is part of the global reaction to #OccupyWallStreet. Even though I didn’t expect to agree with their slogans,  I wanted to get a first hand impression of what all this Occupy* is about.

We are so angry ... Banks?

Banks = evil
Regulation = good

So far nothing new, it seems the vast majority of the Occupy* thing is the usual leftist bunch. No creative inspiration to be found there 🙁 Only slogans demanding positive freedom, no one asking for negative freedom.
After following the demonstration to take photos, I had time to sit down for a quick snack. I had two very very interesting conversations; one with a pensioner who shared my pessimistic perception of the demonstrating crowd and a bit later in a café, another conversation with a classical leftist guy, who favoured nationalisation of banks.
Differences aside, we all agreed that the current economical and political situation will create more awareness in the current generation and that it will have a lasting effect on our mindset.

Solange wir diskutieren, ist alles gut.
As long as we discuss, everything will be all right.

(Gabriele Fischer – brand eins)

Towards the end of the demonstration, I got my own poster from my car and went for a stroll through the crowd. Let’s say I got some strange looks:

more individual responsibility; less redistribution
(more individual responsibility; less redistribution)

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