Disorganized Fun

Ronald Jenkees gives a great example on how to sell an album! Generally friendly, well priced, a reasonable sharing policy and self distributed. [A_Note_From_RJ.txt] included in the album download of Disorganized Fun:

Thanks a million for downloading my second CD! A lot of work and fun
went into this album. Posting jams on youtube helped shape it into
what it is. And so did the kind comments from people who liked those
jams. Thanks for those – they go a long way!
I hope you enjoy Disorganized Fun!

Music Sharing:
While I won’t be hating on anyone who shares my music, I hope that
everyone will keep it in mind that I’m an independent artist. I make
most of my music from scratch and I’m not signed to any record label.
However, if you know someone who has no way of paying for my music,
feel free to share. I’d personally rather those people be able to enjoy
my music rather than to not hear it at all.

If you’d like to use my music in a commercial project (anything that
makes someone money), you can contact me at ronaldjenkees@gmail.com.

Non-Profit Use:
If you would like to use my music in a non-profit project, I simply ask
that you please put me in your credits somewhere for the music you use.

THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!



And the best thing is: it’s really amazing music!

[youtube width=”600″ height=”450″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smE-uIljiGo[/youtube]

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