Derby, UK

This time my job brought me to Derby, a quite sweet town in England about 45mins from Birmingham. As it would be quite hard to get from the airport in Birmingham to Derby and then around town by public transport only, I reserved a rental car. My luck started at the airport, when the class of car I had reserved was not available and I got a car about 2 or 3 classes better for the same price :-)! Even though I drove on the other side of the road before (in NZ) I was a bit sceptical about it but it all worked really well.
After all the meetings and work done during the day, the local colleagues and I went out in Derby, enjoying the local pub culture.
my upgraded rental carthe pub and the church

Another big luck was the beautiful weather I had for the whole stay, just as I arrived at the airport on my way back home, it started raining again.


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