Bicycle tour to the airport

Fini the rat
This is my current flatemate. As Kathi and Martin went to Barcelone for the weekend, I’m taking care of Fini, a really sweet rat. She really enjoys beeing crawled thoroughly around her little head.

landing airplane Jörn showing the way
After learning for the last few exams, Jörn and I took our bicycles for a tour to the far end of the airport, where landing airplanes pass just a few meters above ones head. It’s pretty amazing to listen to the sounds the wingtip vortexes create in the air. On the way back we headed to a beergarden and had some great local food, Maultaschen with potatosalad. With a nice cold beer the perfect refreshment after a tour of about 30 kilometers.

So long (and thanks for all the fish 😉 ),

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