a change in style

As I never changed that old 50s lamp in my room, since I moved in over a year ago, it was now time to find a new one.
Looking around in some hardware stores, I never found the right one, until my mom discovered a big black chandelier in an furniture shop in Stuttgart.
After having the box standing in my way for a week or so, I installed it today. (I needed a little distraction from learning anyway)
new chandelier
Actually it’s not all black, there’s a dark red glow in it as well. Really fits very well with my room.

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  1. Servus Tim,
    jetzt wird´s mal langsam Zeit, dass ich dich in deiner Wohnung besuche, bei dem Kronleuchter.
    Sg mal hast du die Passwörter für die Gallerie geändert.


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