non-destructive testing

Hey there …

To let you know what I’m doing at the uni, I posted a few pictures of the laboratories for non-destructive testing.

me in infrared
This is me, pictured by an infraredcamera; I guess those structures at the side of my forehead are veins.

my mobile in x-ray
These are the inner structures of my mobile-phone, x-rayed from behind.

nosepart of a wing - normal nosepart of a wing - ULT
The left picture shows a standard photo of the nosepart of some wing. The right shows the same part in ultrasound exited thermography, where the defect (a small crack between two rivets) shows up in white because it radiates heat.

Aside this we are preparing for the final presentation of our airliner-design and the last few days I started preparing for the tests coming up in the next months.

G’day everyone,

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