long weekend at Lake Constance

This long weekend (3rd was German Unification) I spent with Santa, relaxing in Ãœberlingen at Lake Constance.
Saturday we just walked around the beautiful town Ãœberlingen, meeting a friend of Santa in the evening.
Sunday was planned for the thermal spring, but as a few more people had the same idea, we delayed that till the evening and enjoyed a cup of coffee and a few rounds of backgammon in a cafe at the water front. Later we went to the thermal spring to get the massage we had booked and savour the wellness are. Sadly the massage confused Santa’s circulation, so she had to rest a bit while I went to the sauna. The sauna-area was a nice garden right at the waterside of Lake Constance. With each sauna in a small cabin, a nice view across the lake and a small beach right in front of the cabins I went swimming in the quite cold lake after each session. The evening we layed back in our hotel room.
Monday we had breakfast at the hotel and then drove to Meersburg, another historic town in the area. As the last few days were rather rainy, we really enjoyed the walk around town, with the first few bits of sunshine breaking through. Afterwards we had a “blind-date” with “Hawk”, another Infiltration(FPS-game played by maybe 50 people all over europe and still some in US) player, who is living in Friedrichshafen. Though we never met in RL before, we had some really nice talks while sitting down for lunch. After an ice at the water front, we split up and Santa and I drove back home without too many traffic jams.


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