Online again …

some relaxed days with fred-frencho
yesterday we went to some handcrafts-market (really impresive .. they got a REALLY big choice here … you can get everything… Obi is nothing!).
afterwards we had lunch in some nice small japanese lunch-bar in yoyogi.
in the afternoon we walked to some nearby park with an ols shrine in it. after we had a look at the youthhostel there we managed to get back to ours at around 1900 with hurting feets… we really walked a lot that day.
to relax a bit before going to bed, we watched some movie on the notebook.

this morning i first answered some e-mails from Martine, trying to set up some meeting. (it’s really hard without mobilephones, i can remember how thing were working before mobile-communication), afterwards we walked to downtown Tokyo, passing a beautiful park and the emperors palace.
after a visit in a BIG bookstore (having a look at some nice photoalbums with fred (he studied design)) we split up, with me travelling to Shinjuku, where i set up the meeting with Martine. Right around the corner there’s a beatiful hotspot, with some trees and banks to hang out and relax. (see pic below)

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