Sergio, Europe and InfCon

Sergio (the Renault Espace ’87) survived the trip throu southern Europe, the holidays are over and InfCon lays behind me.
The trip with Kathi, Aiko and Sergio was a really interesting “on-the-road-holiday”. The car did it’s Job and even more, we had a funny time camping in the wilderness or at some campground and we even saw some cultural stuff like the Guggenheimuseum in Bilbao. Our way took us across the Alps to Italy down to the mediterrean sea, where we followed the coast throu France till Spain (Alfaz del Pi), there we visited my Parents for 3 days. After that we went throu Madrid driving further NW to Santander, from where we followed the atlanic coast till Bordeaux. As the weather got bad around there we took a hard daytrip of about 1200km directly back home.

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