isometric view of Horus
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Project Horus is the outcome of a semester of hard work towards an aircraft design contest held at the Institute for Aircraft Design at the University of Stuttgart (IFB).

The goal was to design a new long range aircraft with higher efficiency than current aircrafts in use. The approach towards this in project Horus was to use a canard configuration, creating lift at both horizontal surfaces (wings and stabiliser) and to reduce the empty weight by using modern materials like carbon fiber compound materials and a new sandwich concept for the fuselage.

The team consisted of

  • Aiko Dühne
  • Tim Jagenberg
  • Jörn Loose
  • Oliver Oeser
  • Michael Powelleit

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  1. Hi,
    This concept was conceived by Boeing product development in the early eighties and termed a “Tandem Wing”. There where many variations on the general theme that also included sandwich fuselage structure, single and double lobe, and carbon fiber thru-out the aircraft.The wing also had trailing edge control segments of common size to be interchangeable.

    Bart Hunt

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