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More culture …
just before leaving for Germany, Tom, Miro and I went to some event in an old factory, wich was inhabited by artists. Arriving there, seeing how colorful and interesting the setting was, I realized that I didn’t take my camera with me … stupid me … after some confused minutes I luckily ran into Marlon, who gave me a ride home to fetch it! (Man you’re just great!!! IOU!)
The evening was just amazing! The first band (Waiting for Guinness) just rocked the crowd with a mix of eastern european music madness! Afterwards I had some time to have a look at all the small exhibitions and installations. They even had an old Jet-Cockpit standing around, glowing from the inside!
After taking LOTs of pictures, the second band staged around 100 … some more decent chilld music. Everybody just looked for some nice spot on the ground or the steps and relaxed. On the bar they sold typical aussi homebrew. So the evening went on and on, having really nice talks with some friends of Tom and Miro. We all finally got us a cab home at 5 in the morning!

Living in Sydney …

Visitor from Germany!
Last week Eric & Melli visited me, after 8 weeks of driving through Australia. I tried to show them what Sydney culture is about, so the first night we went to a jazzy, funky jam session at the Townhall in Newton.
After walking the city the whoe day, they where pretty tired the next evening, so I just went to the usual wednesday-evening-trivi-night at the pub around the corner.
Thursday night Tom (from Czech moved to Aussi in ’91) invited us to a Czech restaurant of a friend. The meal was just awsome! Like at home, as the Czech and suthern German cuisine are pretty similar. Nice roasted Pork in lots of yummi fat with Sauerkraut and knedlíky (dumplings) aside! Lots of good Czech beer and Vodka afterwards. A really nice international evening with people from Czech, Italy and Germany at our table.
Saturday we had a bbq with cangaroo and lots of aussi wine (out of these 4l cardboard boxes! ;-)). Leaving on tuesday, Eric & Melli left on sunday for another short trip south of Sydney, returning monday evening after getting rid of their buy-back-car. Another nice evening hanging out in our backyard with some more friends of the house.
Leaving for Thailand, they catched their plane that tuesday afternoon. It’s been really nice to see some known faces again, after leaving Germany in october.
subculture in Sydney
Friday I went to a concert of my favorite local band Rastawookie. 9 people on stage, lots of different instruments (brass, big drums, flutes, …) playing an very interesting mix between reggae, ska, latin, and some eastern-european sounds.
The last weekend they had a nice concert in the pub “Empire of Anandale” with a nice afterparty in their hotelroom, where I took two films of slides the night.
This time things were somehow different. The location more central, bigger advertisement all around Sydney and probably as a result of this long queues in front of the pub. (The earlier gigs were smaller in a rather familiar athmosphere)
But even with lots of people not really connected to that scene (lots of overdressed girls!) the party lasted till two or three in the morning.
A view days ago, Seani, a friend of Madelaine, invited me for some weird funny movie at an really interesting venue. It looked like an old storage building, with a huge archive of movies and some chairs arranged like in a cinema. The movie was pretty weird, about some conspiracy in the american upperclass. Seemed more like a good laugh to me. But the people were really nice, and asked us if we wanted coffe or tea while watching the movie.
There are so many small nice things to discover in Sydney!

I made it to 2004!

Had some nice parties in the meantime,
new years eve I spent in Pubs in Newtown, together with Ishtar, Helen and Amina. Got home around 6 in the morning.
Just yesterday there was a really nice housewarming party at the house of some ska/reggae ppl I met on an internet ska/reggae forum. (Big thanks to Glen, Andy and Jo!!)
Today i spent reading the newspapers of the last few days.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

As we have christmas-holidays right now, i found some time to update my page.

The last few weeks / months of university were quite busy. There was really few time to relax or even party! So I’m doing that right now. Last week i went to a concert of ‘Open Season’ and ‘The Peacocks’ at Stuttgart, after that I had a strange evening with a nice girl at the Club ‘Le Fonque’, the ‘evening’ ended at 800, returning home with the first connection. Last week, my parents, my grandma from Hamburg and me celebrated christmas, gathering, having lots of unhealthy food and even more fun.
Before christmas, my father and me exchanged the old gas tank of my Samurai, which took us three days! After christmas we started to prepare my new room in the house, by clearing it and painting the walls.
As soon as we built the tables and other stuff, I’ll move. After 2 years of cellar, I’m quite happy to see the sunlight again! 😀 (Don’t think my parents stuffed me in the cellar! I chose to do that and they told me 2 years ago I was crazy because of that, maybe I was!)

Right now I’m returning home from a concert of ‘HISS’ at the ‘Schlesinger Int.’. Was really great! Some kind of mixture between Rock and Polka with German lyrics.