finally relaxing

After those months of exams I finally can lay back and relax!

We went bbqing at the Max Eyth See
bbq at Max Eyth See
and had a nice afternoon flying our model planes in Scharnhausen.
flying in Scharnhausen
I even managed to get up and give my flat a spring-cleaning!
what a tidy flat!

Just yesterday I went to an interesting concert in the “Laboratorium“, some modern blend of balkan/gypsy music. The band is called KAL and consists of mostly young musicians from the area around Belgrad.
After a few songs more and more people got up from their seats and started dancing around the tables … really great athmosphere in that small venue.
musician the violin
the venue left instruments

So far for this update, have a nice time!
Cheers, Tim.

Rock am Ring

After behaving like a caveman and having heaps of fun for the last five days, I’m back to the civilised world.
I got to see quite a few concerts (REM, Thievery Corporation, The Hives, Die Toten Hosen and some others) and even though it was rainy from time to time, we had quite a bit of fun at the campingplace as well.

Getting ready for the RaR festival

The next few days, I’ll spend at the “Rock am Ring” Festival at the racetrack Nuerburgring. Yesterday my friends and I went shopping to get all the food and drinks for 4 days and 6 people, stuffing it all in the back of my parents SUV.
I just hope the meteorologists are wrong this time! The forecast for the weekend is rather rainy 🙁 .

Washington – New Orleans

Sorry for not updating for such a long time, but the recent weeks were quite busy travelling! Just a rough idea for now, once I find more time and a place where I can hook up my own PC I’ll write more and upload actual pictures.

Washington – did all the touristy stuff, Capitol, War Memorial, Space & Aviation Museum

Boston – met up with my parent who are touring New England in a Caravan. Went to Providence and the Cape Cod.

Chicago – Stayed in Linking Park, a really nice area with lots of bars and restaurants. Got 2 free nights in the hostel for fixing one of the Internet Computers.

St. Louis – Once more the touristy stuff, took the ride over The Arch, went to Forest Park and the Science Museum there and visited the Union Station on the way back to the Amtrak station.

Austin – Got friends with some locals, had a marvellous time with them! First night we went to a Frat Party, the next day Sherry showed me around town, the green belt, a street festival and a very nice mexican restaurant. In the evening we all went to the concert of The Polyphonic Spree, a damn good experence!

New Orleans – after a verrrry long ride on the train for 34hrs (got a delay of about 10hrs!) I just arrived in NO yesterday, met some other germans and just had a relaxed evening in the hostel, still worn out from the trainride. I guess I’ll get some live music today and the next days, thats what NO is famous for.

That’s it so far,
cheers, Tim.

Relaxing in Charleston

As the trip from San Diego to New York was quite stressing (midday-evening – SD to LA Airport, the night at the Terminal, flight to NY in the morning, arriving at the hostel in the evening) and as most hostels were booked for the next weeks because of the republican convention I decided to move on and find some more relaxed place. Looking at the map, and by what others had told me I decided to take it down to the Carolinas. Looking for something at he coast I ended up with Charleston, SC wich seemed quite nice judging by it’s website and street-press.
The transfer to Charleston, a 15hrs overnight busride, wasn’t relaxing, but the Hostel and the town seem to be worth it.
With three colleges Charlestin is quite a student city and offers plenty of nightlive with a range of live-music to choose from. (reports on that will follow, so far I just recovered from all the restless moving around)

Cheers, Tim.

back to hitchhiking again

After caring for the official stuff like cancelling the rego, I spent a night at the “Lazy Cow” backpacker in Murchison. After rearranging all my stuff from car to backpack, I hit the road again. My first plan was to go down south along the westcoast, but as all the cars that stopped were going to Christchurch I decided to go there as well, meeting up with some fellow germans I met in Nelson.
Travelling comfy in two trucks (one of them with 25 tons of fish 😉 ) with a way better view, sitting so high I got to CHCH in just one afternoon, staying at the Foley Towers backpacker 5mins from Cathedral Square.
After walking around the city and the parks the second day, I decided that I like this place and will stay for the weekend with some live music and the [url=]NZ Filmfestival[url].
On the left side I added a few more pictures from my time in the Marlborough Sounds and the time after.

Cheers, Tim.

busy Germany/amazing KL

Two weeks compressed Germany
After 26hrs from door to door, I arrived back home on my fathers 60th birthday! Feeling a little weird in my own room after 4 months, I unpacked and made myself comfy. The day we had a really nice relaxed family birthday, joining around the presents. The next weeks should be busier!
Briefly: Do:concert in Stuggi, two great local musicians (Stefan Hiss & Ralf Groher) Fr: Drehbar with Holger & GF and John, afterwards big party at the Tennishouse, meeting LOTs of friends. got home around 6. Sa: hangover, leaving for Esslingen, where the big BD-party will take place, ppl show up around 1900, taking fotos, telling my stories a thousand times, getting amazed by the great plays. A really busy evening. My dad, mum and friends danced mith live music till 2! So: brunch with the guests from further away, preparing my stuff for Hamburg in the afternoon, jumping on my plane in the evening, resting in the jouthhostel in Hamburg. Mo: Spent all the day with my granny! Talking all the time, just with short breaks for lots of good food(porree-pampe 😉 thumb-up!)! It’s so nice every time again! In the evening I met Chryschdl and Tilli at the Reeperbahn, where we had some beers and good engineering talks 🙂 Tu: Walking around Hamurg inner city, working on BETPAT a couple of hours in a nice cafe. Meeting Chryschdl again in the evening. After some confusion we ended up at some liveconcert with more experimental ambient music, really weird stuff. We: leaving for Stuggi. Feeling a little ill, I stayed home the next days. Sa: Vienna, walking around the city in my typical chaotic way, enjoying nice cafes. Little tired in the evening I stayed in the Hotel and got me some Club-Sandwich by the roomservice. Su: Flight to Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
Arriving in KL at 6 in the morning I got me a cheap cab to the hostel where I had a reservation for a room. Surviving the crazy cab-ride, I faced some confusion about my e-mail reservation. But everything went out well and I got a nice single room for about 6 EUR a night! Sleeping all day. In the evening a walked through chinatown around the corner. Coming home I just asked some guy (Owen from Melbourne) sitting in the lobby where he got his power adaptor. Beeing openminded travellers we ended up drinking way to much beer till 5 in the morning 😉 He was working on a malaysian cookbook, with lots of nice pictures and an attached CD with the sounds of the country. Nice idea!
The next day I spent the evening with another group in the backpacker, as Owen was still working on his hangover ;-). Sitting in the comfy lobby we watched some musicviedos from the laptop. Afterwards Kristi (a photographer) asked to have some walk outside, so four of us went to the reggae bar I discovered the day before. Arriving at there three were left and after another hlf an hour only me and Kristi were left. We talked till the bar closed, talked on in the lobby till late …
The next days we sticked together, doing some touristy stuff like visiting the twintowers, having a view from the TV/Radio tower, went to the zoo and some nice temples. The evenings we spent with the crowd in the lobby, going out for some beer, a indian show-dance or a transvestite show.
In the end it was kinda hard to leave, but we had more like opposite directions. She just left Sydney (after living there for 4 years, so we lived some months aside each other without knowing!), taking the long way home to Atlanta.