A new Makerspace for Trondheim coming soon …

Yesterday evening I met Frode at the Digs co-working space in Trondheim. He showed me the progress of the new Makerspace in the old shelter in the basement.

Digs  @ Trondheim 3D Printer Screw you screws

Things are materialising and taking shape. There are workbenches around the sides, a big movable crafting table, and a wood workshop. Aside the usual soldering stations and 3d printers, there is also a rather big blackFoot router for wood and other materials.

blackFoot 4.3 router blackFoot 4.3 router - detail blackFoot 4.2 router assembly
The main area

I’m really looking forward to join and start building there. I guess the router could be interesting for wing foam cores 🙂