Hang loose in San Diego!

Well, after a LONG travel taking me from Wellington to San Diego (11hrs nightbus well-auck 4hrs sleep, day in auck, 11hrs flight LA 4hrs sleep, 2hrs bus airport – greyhound, 3hrs greyhound LA – SD 1hr sleep) I had a good night with a few Dutch guys, two british girls and Peter (THE peter! ;-)).
Today I just had a looong sleep and then met up with the rest at the beach wich is just a 5min walk from the hostel. After a nice lazy day on the beach, bodysurfin’ ,we just bought all the stuff for a nice big BBQ!

Finally back to warm weather, sunshine and late sunset! 😉

Cheers, Tim.

New pics and a video!

(changed) check http://gallery.oh7eleven.de/tim/ for pics

video of Marvin driving on 90 Miles Beach

But sorry, I’m quite lazy so I’ll just write a rough timeline:
After a few rather relaxed days in Auckland I went up north to the Northland. (quite logic name 😉 ).
after lot’s of coincidences I ended up in Whangarei Backpackers, a really nice and cosy place with an interesting bar downstairs which should be open by the time you read this (it wasn’t really when I was around)
For two nights I went further north to the northern AND western most tip of NZ Cape Reinga (it’s neither most northern nor most western) and went back down via the westcoast where I stayed in a beatufil calm place called ‘The Treehouse’. Back in Whangarei (pronounced Phangarei) I went shopping at Pak’n’Save where I ran into freinds from the Backpacker who were preparing for Ruthy’s Birthday. We didn’t really stop celebrating that birthday for three days ;-).
After the weekend, we (Fab4 Ruthy[Wales], Matt[England], Gavin[Kiwi] and me) spontaneously decided to take it down to Auckland and just go on.
After another two days in Auckland we split up and I went further south, following the westcoast. At the moment I’m enjoying a few clam days in New Plymouth in a friendly place which even has a Sauna! (Shoestring Backpacker).

Enough for now, got longer than I though …
Cheers, Tim.