Quick Change of Seasons

A reasonably snowy winter with plenty of cross-country and touring skiing turned into spring within a few days (and about 100km).

The weekend before Easter some friends and I rented a cabin near Oppdal to go skiing and have a nice dinner together. The first day we skied to Gjevillvasshytta and back abd had a rich Raclette for dinner at our hut.
Because the weather was so nice, I decided to sleep outside in my winter sleeping bag, falling asleep under the stars (and two satellites moving in parallel, probably for 3D surface imaging) and waking up in the sunshine with a beautiful view of the snowy mountains.
The second day we skied near Innset, taking it more relaxed and trying out telemark style on a nice slope near our picnic spot.

Two days later a friend and I decided it was time to abandon winter and welcome spring, so we turned to the coast which due to the Gulf Stream enjoys a very mild climate. Not even 100km away from where we skied during the weekend, spring had already arrived and we went for a three-day hut-to-hut hiking trip in the hills of Tustna.

Finally Snow!

After a rather murky and rainy December, snow finally arrived short after midnight of the first day of the new year. As my last day of new-years-holidays turned out to be a perfect cold and sunny winter day, me and a friend went out to Bymarka for a nice cross-country skiing trip. The beautiful sunshine also lured Odin, our local free-roaming pony, out of his shed. The trip of course included a waffles-and-hot-chocolate-stop at Skistua and some wilderness skiing along an unprepared forest trail.


Following the theme of my previous post, I ended the day with a nice gypsy-jazz concert with Leslie Dawn Knowles (violin), Mark Tetreault (tuba), and Skjalg Raaen (guitar) at Ila Brainnstasjon.