Hiking on the other side of the fjord

What a tur 🙂

I took the ferry to the other side of the fjord in order to hike one of the hills we can see from our side. A friendly farmer let me park my car in his yard and told me about a little trail leading into that area.
Ferry Flakk - Rørvik Farm Parking
Everything afterwards was just barely visible animal trails (thanks animals, nice trails you trampled there 🙂 ). I even saw a couple of elk in the distance, though too far and quick for a photo! At some point I realised that I would not be able to reach the top I intended to (Munken) and decided to set up camp on another really nice hilltop (slightly north-west of Stegavikdammen). Although this spot was missing the panoramic view across the fjord, it had some funny and very audible sheep in the valley below.
Hiking the back-country Mountain Sheep
What an evening Real Turmat
After a nice warm meal of turmat, I went to bed with a glimpse of the city lights on the other side of the fjord and the stars above (the nights are dark enough again). As I had placed the tent behind a little hill, beautiful sunshine only woke me at about 8 in the morning. After a simple breakfast of bread, cheese, and liver paté, I headed back following a slightly different path.
City Lights Good Morning Sunshine
Refreshing Lake Ferr Rørvik - Flakk
The new backpack I tested on this trip prove really comfortable and practical. It allows you to open the whole front-side similar to a sports bag. This makes organising and accessing the equipment way easier!

The full set of photos can be found in my OwnCloud.

quick hop to the southisland

coming down to Wellington from New Plymouth, I stayed outside Wellington for one night (there was a rugby game NZ / OZ so everything was full). Driving towards Wellington the next morning, I decided I wasn’t in the mood for city, so I took Marvin to the Ferry Terminal and got me a ride to the south island of NZ. Taking over was really fun, getting some saltwater over the deck and a strong mindclearing wind.
Over in Picton I checked in at Atlantis backpacker and spent the next day preparing for a four-day-hike along the Queen Charlotte Track. Going for a walk to the Ferry Terminal with Jesse (an american girl) she spontaniously decided to change her ticket and join me. So we just got some more food, packed our backpacks and relaxed with a nice movie (Before Sunrise, with the sequel Before Sunset runnig at the NZ Filmfestival).
The days in the sounds where really nice! Other that the forecast we had good luck with the weather and with some modifications of our (not really existing) plans we had a dmn good time! One morning I even had to chase a sheep around wich tried to get into my backpack ;-). As we traded our return trip to Picton on the way, we hitchhiked back to Atlantis the last day.

check http://gallery.oh7eleven.de/tim/ for pics

riding to Ship Cove (video)

The next day she went off with the ferry to the northern island and I hit the road towards Nelson, giving an english girl from the hostel a ride. In Nelson we were just sipping on a nice long black, talking about where we’d been so far, when we realised that we had been neighbours for two months in Sydney!!! We even had talked across the fence once without seeing each other! The world is soooo small, especially down under ;-).