Back in New York

After a long ride from New Orleans up to New York, I visited Kim (an american friend I know from back in Spain) in Norwalk, CT. We had a really nice time, amongst others just relaxing in a nice park with really good wraps 😉 live can be soo simple 😉
After she dropped me at the Trainstation I made it back to New York, staying in the Chelsae International Hostel. The next two days will be quite busy with touristy stuff and nightlife, as my flight back home is already on friday! Time flies, it feels so unreal, thinking about being back in Stuggi in just 72hrs!!! It really doesn’t feel like I was away for a whole year!

Cheers, Tim!

Relaxing in Charleston

As the trip from San Diego to New York was quite stressing (midday-evening – SD to LA Airport, the night at the Terminal, flight to NY in the morning, arriving at the hostel in the evening) and as most hostels were booked for the next weeks because of the republican convention I decided to move on and find some more relaxed place. Looking at the map, and by what others had told me I decided to take it down to the Carolinas. Looking for something at he coast I ended up with Charleston, SC wich seemed quite nice judging by it’s website and street-press.
The transfer to Charleston, a 15hrs overnight busride, wasn’t relaxing, but the Hostel and the town seem to be worth it.
With three colleges Charlestin is quite a student city and offers plenty of nightlive with a range of live-music to choose from. (reports on that will follow, so far I just recovered from all the restless moving around)

Cheers, Tim.