back to hitchhiking again

After caring for the official stuff like cancelling the rego, I spent a night at the “Lazy Cow” backpacker in Murchison. After rearranging all my stuff from car to backpack, I hit the road again. My first plan was to go down south along the westcoast, but as all the cars that stopped were going to Christchurch I decided to go there as well, meeting up with some fellow germans I met in Nelson.
Travelling comfy in two trucks (one of them with 25 tons of fish 😉 ) with a way better view, sitting so high I got to CHCH in just one afternoon, staying at the Foley Towers backpacker 5mins from Cathedral Square.
After walking around the city and the parks the second day, I decided that I like this place and will stay for the weekend with some live music and the [url=]NZ Filmfestival[url].
On the left side I added a few more pictures from my time in the Marlborough Sounds and the time after.

Cheers, Tim.

rest in peace Marvin!

1981 – 26th July 2004

After 23 years on the road, joining my travels for three weeks, Marvin’s life ended by a short and painless hit of a rock on the road which smashed his engine.
His last rest is in Murchison, a small town in the north-west of the southern NZ island with a really friendly small hostel. (the good luck with the bad 😉 )