What happened since May


Preparing for the move. With some resistance from the cat 😉 we managed to sell of a large portion of our furniture and also my car.
Gustav doesn't want to sell the bed. My old Yaris Improvised Wardrobe

Watching finn.no for a place to move to, we found a beautiful house in the forest at the outskirts of Trondheim. With the support of Expat Mid-Norway we got some more photos and quickly settled the contract.
House - view from driveway House - view from garden House - entry


13th: Farewell party at Café Hofgut Oberfeld
Farewell Cake Farewell Party at Hofgut Oberfeld

22nd: Doctor Exam
It's done! Snacks for everyone A ride in the 'Dr Wagen'

23th: The moving company picks up our boxes, 24th: Cleaning the flat, 25th: Flight to Trondheim
All our boxes are packed The Moving Truck Flight to Trondheim


We moved into our new home and explored our new surroundings. A small step for our cat but a giant leap for the mice in the area 😉 After searching for nearly a month, we found a nice used 4wd car.
Our boxes arrived Cat set free Bird not so free
Hiking and skiing  trails right behind our house The view from Gråkallen My new car


I started working at MARINTEK in the SIMA team. The Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute is located directly underneath the TV tower of Trondheim, Tyholt. In the SIMA team, we develop a workbench for the simulation of maritime applications. Various physics engines are integrated under the same hood and are made easily accessible to the user.
In the spare time, we went on exploring our new home and cleaned out an old shed on the property to make space for our bicycles.
Tyholt, near MARINTEK Cleaning out the shed Camping at Skjellbreia


For heating in winter we decided to use the fireplace more often and ordered some wood. The wood got delivered just in time for the first snow this year. 🙂 With snow all around us, it was definitely time to switch to winter tires.
The firewood got delivered The first snow this year The first snow this year
Time to switch to winter tires Beatiful sunrise on the way to the office Hiking in the snow


Just got back from Eclipse Con Europe 2013 in Ludwigsburg, which I combined with visiting my mum, grandma (she turned 94!) and dad.
So far for now, we are looking forward to winter and plenty of snow! 🙂

Neste Stopp: Trondheim

View from Gamle Bybro, Trondheim

We are moving to Trondheim!

Two weeks ago, we visited Trondheim in order to get to know the city and my potential future employer. Trondheim is a very sweet, medium-sized, city located at a Fjord with a river going through it and with plenty of beautiful nature around it. With the NTNU (Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet), SINTEF (Stiftelsen for industriell og teknisk forskning), and many technology companies in the city, this is also the technology capital of Norway. Everything went really well and in the meantime I singed the contract as research scientist in marine computer aided engineering/software engineering. Now we are planning and organising everything necessary for this exciting move.

We are very much looking forward to this adventure!

Storage Houses along the River Sweet Cafés in Nedre Bakklandet Wooden Ships in the Harbour
View from Lade City Bikes in Trondheim Flight over Norway