Lucky with the weather and interesting talks

Compared to the predictions for the last few day, we were very lucky! No constant heavy rain, just a few showers here and there and sunshine in between! 🙂

As not all presentations focus on space exploration, I followed some interesting talks about social engineering, successful security intrusions, digital currencies and even non-linear milk dynamics! 😀

All these light and technology installations offer really amazing backdrops for nice photos:

There are vids on them internets: cccamp11@Vimeo cccamp11@youtube


Not only for Nerds

Sitting in a good talk about the “Digitale Gesellschaft e.V.” (Digital Society), a lobby organisation for digital citizen rights in Germany.


Challenging weather and a strange theme at the #cccamp11

Had an interesting first day at the camp. The predicted rain only arrived around midnight, we even got a bit of sun during the day!
The general theme “Hackers in Space” is rather far fetched and in my opinion drains resources from other more pressing issues. It seems like collective denial of energy issues and political pressure.
Blogged from my tent with the rain pelting down outside. 😉