After a long break i finally managed to update my homepage! Lots of things happend!
After finishing my armyservice i went to spain with an army-friend of mine. We had much fun,
playing billard and watching the waitress! In may/june I went backpacking in the USA.
Me and a good friend hitch-hiked down the westcoast. (SF, Yosemite, Santa Cruz,
Santa Barbara, LV, Flagstaff, San Diego, Ensenada, LA) That was a really great month!
In July me and four friends stayed in our house in Spain. A really hard time! 😀
Greetings to Kim and Lindis, two really cute girls we met there. In mid october
I started studying space- and aviationsince in Stuttgart. It seems to bee really interesting,
but challanging, too! As i got back home from the states i startet taking lots of
photos with an old camera of my parents. (A really good one!) So there are lots of good and
funny pictures to be added to the gallery soon!   Stay tuned!

Military Service

I peter passed the first few weeks of my military service and
I must say that it isn’t as hard as I expectet it to be.
Maybe it’s that easy because I pass my duty at the German Airforce.
The weekends I usually spend at home, so if you want to ask me something
by e-mail don’t wonder if it takes me some days to reply.
I’m not allowed to use my mobilephone weekdays, so don’t try to call me there,
If it hurries try to send a SMS. Well … thats all for now folks!