A Bag full of Norwegian Cheese

During the Christmas market in Trondheim, I spontaneously bought a local mountain goat cheese which was especially tasty [Heidrun below]. So I started googling around and discovered a whole network of ecological cheese farms. Many of these apply setring [transhumance/Sennerei], a style of mountain farming which is also common in the Alps. During the summer months the animals, usually milk cows or goats, are moved to a smaller and simpler farm in the mountains. The grass there is rich in herbs and gives the milk and resulting cheese a distinct rich flavour.
Many of these local farms in Norway also offer visits, showing how their produce are made and often also double as bed-and-breakfasts. The network ‘Hanen‘ [the rooster] gives a good overview of the possibilities.

So today I went to the local farmers market, the Bondens marked i Trondheim, a great source for these tasty local cheeses:

  1. Heidrun fra Brubekken Gardsmeieri
  2. Grote Ost fra Hitra Gårdsmat
  3. Blåmann fra Skånaliseter Gårdsysteri

Gårdsmeieri Ost Ost Kart

Time to plant herbs and spices

After a relaxing Spain holiday over Easter, I now found the time to start planting herbs and spices for this year: Rosemary, basil, sage, oregano, lovage, and also Jalapeño chilli peppers.

Herb Seeds Jalapeño Seeds
Covered wetted herb seeds Herb seeds on wetted paper

To start the germination, I put the seeds on multiple layers of kitchen paper soaked with a chamomile infusion. I covered the whole plate with cling film to avoid too much evaporation.

The Tiny Biosphere

Tiny Biosphere (side)As a little biology experiment, I picked random things from the forest behind the house and put them into two small plastic aquariums and sealed everything airtight with silicone. I paced this biosphere on the window and installed a RaspberryPi with PiCam NoIR above it. This was in late March and ever since (with a few brief pauses doe to lack of space on the sd card) the Raspberry took a photo from above every 15 minutes.

Using mencoder and handbrake I compiled a time-lapse video of the past months. It is amazing how alive these plants are and how long the balance in this isolated environment remains stable. (Don’t be fooled by the brownish appearance, this is just due to the colour shift of the infra red camera. The plants are still nearly as green as in the picture above.)

Ready for Spring

In the recent days, I prepared the big flower pot on my balcony for the new plants. This year, I’ll grow tomatoes, chillies (three variations), lovage, oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary and sage:


The last few days it had been raining, but today the sun broke through the clouds again. So I went out for a walk through the nearby forest to take a few photos of this beautiful autumn mood.

panoramic view of Plattenhard from the forest
sunshine in the autumn forest beatiful colour on some bush weird shaped stump
panoramic view of Plattenhard from the forest

The panoramas were created using hugin, a really nice tool for mostly automatic panorama stitching.

Bicycle tour to the airport

Fini the rat
This is my current flatemate. As Kathi and Martin went to Barcelone for the weekend, I’m taking care of Fini, a really sweet rat. She really enjoys beeing crawled thoroughly around her little head.

landing airplane Jörn showing the way
After learning for the last few exams, Jörn and I took our bicycles for a tour to the far end of the airport, where landing airplanes pass just a few meters above ones head. It’s pretty amazing to listen to the sounds the wingtip vortexes create in the air. On the way back we headed to a beergarden and had some great local food, Maultaschen with potatosalad. With a nice cold beer the perfect refreshment after a tour of about 30 kilometers.

So long (and thanks for all the fish 😉 ),