Online again …

some relaxed days with fred-frencho
yesterday we went to some handcrafts-market (really impresive .. they got a REALLY big choice here … you can get everything… Obi is nothing!).
afterwards we had lunch in some nice small japanese lunch-bar in yoyogi.
in the afternoon we walked to some nearby park with an ols shrine in it. after we had a look at the youthhostel there we managed to get back to ours at around 1900 with hurting feets… we really walked a lot that day.
to relax a bit before going to bed, we watched some movie on the notebook.

this morning i first answered some e-mails from Martine, trying to set up some meeting. (it’s really hard without mobilephones, i can remember how thing were working before mobile-communication), afterwards we walked to downtown Tokyo, passing a beautiful park and the emperors palace.
after a visit in a BIG bookstore (having a look at some nice photoalbums with fred (he studied design)) we split up, with me travelling to Shinjuku, where i set up the meeting with Martine. Right around the corner there’s a beatiful hotspot, with some trees and banks to hang out and relax. (see pic below)

The first few days

met Rob & Oli, guys from Karlsruhe, doing the same round the world ticket but other direction (starting in LA)
got to know Martine, a girl from Holland, who was sitting aside me. this way the flight didn’t take too long but as things startet out so nice als already guesse there was something to come. (Murphies Law!)
arriving in Tokyo me and some others from Stuggi realised the our baggage had stayed in Heathrow 😉 … so i made it to the hostel without any heavy backpack.
the nice thing about is that my bag arrived that evening without hassle, and i had nothing to carry 😉
The first day in Tokyo i slept from 1700 till 500 in the morning, getting awake with a amazing beatiful sunrise over Tokyo in front of my window on the 18th floor!
The first day i managed to buy some LonelyPlanet on Tokyo&area and a power adaptor for the notebook.
it’s been really funny to read the LP on Germany, especielly the part regarding Stuggi. They even had the “Palast der Republik” as a tip in there!!!
today i tried to buy some mobile-phone, but i realised that those thing cost nearly double the price they cost in good old europe! as do MP3 USB sticks! 🙁 ill have a look when im in oz … maybe the prices there are better … else i need some carepacket from germany.
searching for WLAN
in the afternoon i was walking the hotel-district of Shinjuku, looking for some free WLAN hotspots. i found some outside, but as this was not tooo comfortable, im now sitting in some cafe below the hilton tokyo, having a hot chocolate with free internet.

The journey starts!!!

W-LAN at Stuttgart Airport!
Niceee! I got W-LAN access at the airport. Just typing a few words, letting the world (löl) know i made it at least to the airport.
Hope my luck will ast further 😉 …

Cya m8s, read you soon.

A really relaxed 4th semester

Summertime … weather is fine!
My 4th semester is starting with a really nice summer! Most of the time its quite warm/hot, really nice to hang out at the university between the lectures.
As theres no university thursdays and fridays, the weekends got quite long! 3 days university and 4 days weekend! But after this quite stressing 3rd semester we really needed this!
While learning for the last test, i got the idea to stop studying for a year, and to travel through Austrlia! I’m really looking forward to getting my backpack stuffed, travelling around, seeing new places and meeting new ppl.
As my father gave me the tip about some information-day for students at the Australian Embassy in Berlin, i spent a few days there. Just arriving at the youth-hostel, i met a nice guy (also named Tim) from Australia. Getting into dialogue we decided to pass the afternoon in Berlin together.
We had a look at the Reichstag, the Brandenburger Tor and Checkpoint Charly. In between we had some nice talks and (of course) some cold beers. We walked the bars till 1:00 (i had to get to bed a little earlier, as the info-day started at 10:00).
The day at the embassy was really useful! 3 of the 6 universities, represented there, were offering aeronautics. Might be interesting to have a look at them when travelling there!

What happend since december 2002

Dec/jan i moved to my new room. My dad really helped much, and we also had kinda fun, painting walls and constructing tables out of what we had in the garage.
Then i had to finish some construction for university till the end of semester(the flaps-mechanism for a small aircraft). Afterwards i had 1-2 Weeks to relax before the learning for the examinations began.
In between i manged to go snowboading to Engelberg (CH) with some firends! Haven’t been on board for about 2 years, but all went fine … i didn’t forget how to do it!
The only bad thing about this trip is, that Sergio (Espace ’87) lost it’s exhaust right in front of Olli’s door! 😉 So the trip back was quite loud!
Right now, I passed the first two tests. TM exam should be OK, but with maths3 i’m quite unhappy. Hope ET, TD and FGK will work out better!

Sergio, Europe and InfCon

Sergio (the Renault Espace ’87) survived the trip throu southern Europe, the holidays are over and InfCon lays behind me.
The trip with Kathi, Aiko and Sergio was a really interesting “on-the-road-holiday”. The car did it’s Job and even more, we had a funny time camping in the wilderness or at some campground and we even saw some cultural stuff like the Guggenheimuseum in Bilbao. Our way took us across the Alps to Italy down to the mediterrean sea, where we followed the coast throu France till Spain (Alfaz del Pi), there we visited my Parents for 3 days. After that we went throu Madrid driving further NW to Santander, from where we followed the atlanic coast till Bordeaux. As the weather got bad around there we took a hard daytrip of about 1200km directly back home.


After a long break i finally managed to update my homepage! Lots of things happend!
After finishing my armyservice i went to spain with an army-friend of mine. We had much fun,
playing billard and watching the waitress! In may/june I went backpacking in the USA.
Me and a good friend hitch-hiked down the westcoast. (SF, Yosemite, Santa Cruz,
Santa Barbara, LV, Flagstaff, San Diego, Ensenada, LA) That was a really great month!
In July me and four friends stayed in our house in Spain. A really hard time! 😀
Greetings to Kim and Lindis, two really cute girls we met there. In mid october
I started studying space- and aviationsince in Stuttgart. It seems to bee really interesting,
but challanging, too! As i got back home from the states i startet taking lots of
photos with an old camera of my parents. (A really good one!) So there are lots of good and
funny pictures to be added to the gallery soon!   Stay tuned!